What You Need to Know to Get a Job Before the New Year

It can be easy to get distracted from your job search during the last months of the year, especially as the holidays approach. But it may not be wise to take a break during the fourth quarter. Read on to learn which industries and positions to keep an eye on.

Believe it or not, the end of the year is right around the corner. And while some people think you should put your job hunt on hold in the weeks leading up to the New Year, savvy job seekers know it could actually be the best time to step up your efforts and get a job.  

5 Reasons You Should Ramp Up Your Job Search This Time of Year

1. Companies often recruit workers for immediate seasonal needs or to prepare for upcoming projects in the New Year.
2. Other job seekers may be taking a break, so you’ll face less competition.
3. It can be a quieter period at some companies, giving hiring managers more time to respond to your requests. Who knows, people may also be more jolly as you near the holidays.
4. The end of the year can be prime networking time, especially with all those festive events you’re attending.
5. Keeping up the pace on your job search can help you maintain momentum. It could be more difficult to take a long break and then have to get things restarted. 

Areas Where Help Is Needed

Not sure where to focus your efforts? Employers will generally require administrative assistance in the following areas in the next few months:

• Retail and customer service
• Open enrollment projects
• Coverage for vacationing employees
• Flu season coverage
• Package delivery services
• Tax season preparation
• Winter tourism/hospitality

Positions in Demand

The September report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was promising, with the unemployment rate dropping to 5.9%. This is the first time it’s slipped under 6% since 2008. In addition, below are third-quarter 2014 unemployment rates pulled from the BLS reports for select administrative and administrative healthcare positions that fall below the current national average and may be in demand: 

• Human resources workers: 5.2%
• Word processors and typists: 5.2%
• Medical records and health information technicians 4.8%
• First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers: 4.3%
• Secretaries and administrative assistants: 4.0%
• Medical transcriptionists: 3.9%
• Administrative services managers: 2.8%
• Dispatchers: 2.7%
• HR assistants, except payroll and timekeeping: 1.0%

So don’t drop the ball on your job search in the last few months of the year. By keeping at it and knowing where to look for openings, you could definitely get a job before the New Year.

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