What Highly Successful Admins Include in Their Morning Routine

If you look at the habits of successful people in the administrative field, they often follow the same morning routine. Do you take the same steps? Read on to compare.

The way your day begins at the office can set the tone for the whole day. Start off in a good mood and organized, and chances are you’re ready for what’s ahead. You don’t necessarily have to be a morning person, either, to get things off on the right foot. It’s about finding what works for you personally and being ready from the get-go.

I talked with some top-notch administrative professionals to find out what morning routine they follow. Here are some common threads:

They start the day before.

“I get an idea of what I need to work on and what I’ll tackle first by prioritizing the night before. I do have VIP tags set up in my email; if my executive sends any messages after hours, I have an alert on my phone that filters her emails. If anything urgent happens to come through from her, I’ll give it attention first-thing.” – Jasmine Freeman, CEAP, CWCA, vice president, Office Dynamics International, Las Vegas, NV

“I always try to wrap up any projects from the previous day before I leave in the evenings. This ensures that my mornings can be flexible and I’m not stressed trying to finish up a project to meet a deadline while simultaneously attempting to extinguish the five wildfires that mysteriously began burning in my boss’s office long before he even arrived.” – Stacey Brewer, CAP-OM, executive assistant, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Huntsville, AL

“For me, the morning routine really begins at the end of the prior day. Before I leave at the end of my day, I have reviewed the staff calendar for the next two days. Any calendar items that need action are added to my task list, with a reminder in Outlook. I print a hard copy of the next day’s calendar and leave it next to my phone. On that calendar, I’ll make a three-item priority list, because it helps me be focused.” – Kemetia MK Foley, CAP-OM, finance and customer service coordinator, American Staffing Association, Alexandria, VA

They’re fueled for the day ahead.

“I get up at 5:30 a.m. (which took a lot of getting used to!) and get to the gym at about 6:00 am. I work out for about an hour and then head to work. I feel great and it feels like I have a lot more ‘day’ in my day!” – Jatika Manigault, administrative professional and speaker, trainer and presentation coach, Atlanta, GA

“I wake up at least three hours before I need to be at work or at a function. In that time, I spend about 15-30 minutes devoted to quiet time (clearing my mind, focusing on gratitude), then 30 minutes working out. I get a morning text that takes about five minutes of my time that’s motivational or business-oriented.” – Jasmine Freeman

"During my 30-minute commute, I get jazzed up for the day with a personal, meaningful, uplifting playlist of songs that gets me dancing in my seat and ready for the day." – Debbie Pelham, CAP-OM, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC, Melbourne, FL

They prioritize immediately.

“Each morning, I quickly scan emails and text messages for anything that needs to be handled right away. I also check voicemail messages. Has someone called in sick, does a meeting need to be moved or cancelled?” – Stacy Leitner, CAP-OM, executive assistant to the city manager, Rancho Cordova, CA

“The first things I normally do are check the diary for the day, check if there are any phone messages and then go on to my emails. Once I have gone through all of those, I will then prioritize the tasks for the day ahead.” – Matthew Want, personal assistant to the CEO of Marcham Publishing, Shepperton, Surrey, United Kingdom

“I reread the emails that I skimmed over on my commute, review the calendar to refresh my memory and rewrite my to-do list from the multiple pieces of paper where I took notes the day before.” – Stacey Brewer

What morning routine do you follow? Is it similar to the habits of the successful people mentioned above?

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