Webinar: "How to Become a Virtually Indispensable Administrative Professional"

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Week, OfficeTeam is presenting a free webinar, “How to Become a Virtually Indispensable Administrative Professional,” at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 22.

During this event, OfficeTeam Executive Director Robert Hosking will share how you can build a reputation for being virtually indispensable and advance your career as an administrative professional. This 60-minute webinar will cover topics including:

  • What employers want when it comes to administrative skills and attributes
  • Ways to add value to your company and be a workplace MVP
  • New areas you can become involved in to show initiative
  • How to get noticed for your contributions and increase your visibility
  • Tips for keeping up with emerging trends in the administrative field

We hope you'll be able to join us!