Wear Brown Shoes Day? Really.

Never heard of Wear Brown Shoes Day? I hadn't either, but then again, I don't need an excuse to work my luggage, chocolate, chestnut or tawny footwear any day of the week. But, today, December 4, is the day to rock your brown shoes... for reasons no one really knows. So why not participate. Find your favorite pair of sienna, umber, coffee or camel ankle boots, saddle shoes, loafers or pumps and strut.

Before you scurry to your closet, here are answers to your pressing questions about how to wear brown shoes. Wear Brown Shoes Day 2(You don't really need to match your brown shoes to your outfit to celebrate Wear Brown Shoes Day, but after doing a search for "how to wear brown shoes," it seems this is a big concern for professionals and the fashion-conscious.) I offer this short and sweet guide.

Can you wear brown shoes with black pants? It depends. The old-school rule is black pants with black shoes, but rules can be broken if you're savvy with your choices.

What colors work best with brown shoes?
Try neutrals and earth tones, reds, greens, whites, creams, and grays. Just make sure to match the tones, dark colors with deep browns, lighter shades with your tans and taupes.Wear Brown Shoes Day 3

I have a job interview today. Are brown shoes appropriate?
Yes! A recent CareerBuilder survey reveals the most appropriate interview colors, and brown is on the list. Your hint of cocoa can also help you exude a sense of calm to the hiring manager.


And with that, I wish you a chic and dashing Wear Brown Shoes Day.




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