The Summer Job Market: How to Land a Job Right Now

Don’t let your job search stall this summer! Get the latest on industries that may be hiring, the Q2 unemployment figures and tips for finding a position in the next few months.

Summer officially started a few weeks ago, and the weather is beginning to heat up across the country. As the third quarter of the year begins, there are also some hot spots that have emerged for administrative professionals in the job market.  

Around this time, many companies look to cover for vacationing employees and prepare for budgets and business plans. In August and September, employers may also seek help managing work volume as interns or student employees head back to school.

Industries to Keep an Eye On

In particular, organizations in the following industries could use some administrative assistance in the next few months:

Construction, real estate and property management: With the general economy continuing to improve, activity has recently picked up in these areas.
Education: Educational organizations need to get ready for back-to-school time.
Healthcare: This continues to be a bright spot in terms of administrative hiring.
Nonprofit: June 30 marked the end of the fiscal year for many nonprofit organizations, so there may be some help required for post year-end wrap-up.

Latest BLS Unemployment Figures

The most recent specialized occupation and industry unemployment reports compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) identified some promising areas in the administrative job market.

In the June BLS report, the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%, the lowest since September 2008. In addition, below are second-quarter 2014 unemployment rates pulled from the BLS reports for select administrative and administrative healthcare positions that fall below that current national average and may be in demand: 

• Medical transcriptionists: 0.1%
• First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers: 2.7%
• Secretaries and administrative assistants: 3.4%
• Insurance claims and policy processing clerks: 3.4%
• Human resources workers: 3.5%
• Word processors and typists: 4.1%
• Medical records and health information technicians: 4.4%
Receptionists and information clerks: 5.8%
• Office clerks – general: 5.9%
• Administrative services managers: 5.9%

Summer Job Search Tips

During the dog days of summer, many of us take the opportunity to relax, but you shouldn’t necessarily take a complete break from your job search.    

Whether you’re a recent grad or in the job market trying to land a new position, maximize your efforts during the summer by doing the following:

Keep at it. It’s easy to get lazy during the summer, but it’s best to keep some type of job search schedule, even if it’s just dedicating an hour a day to looking for new opportunities or updating your social media profiles.  
Take advantage of seasonal events. The summer months are the perfect time to network because there are so many gatherings going on. Take the time to attend any of a number of professional conferences or mixers. And don’t forget to introduce yourself to others during social events like festivals, weddings, backyard barbeques or pool parties. You never know if someone you meet might be the connection that leads you to the perfect job.
Be open to temporary roles. Many companies bring in workers to fill temporary staffing needs this time of year, but don’t overlook the possibility that an assignment that’s originally scheduled for a few months or weeks might turn into a full-time job opportunity. Temporary assignments are also a great way to network and build new skills that can improve your chances on the job hunt.

Have some summer job search tips to share? Let us know below!

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