The Non-Sports Fan's Guide to March Madness at Work


March Madness is here! And even if you aren't a sports fan, you can still reap the benefits of joining in on tournament-related activities at work.

This time of year, you can't help but notice the buzz about March Madness in the office. People are talking about which schools they're rooting for, decked out in their team gear and discussing scores in the break room.

But what's a non-sports fan to do when you have no idea what the "Big Dance" even means?

According to a new OfficeTeam survey, 50 percent of senior managers said activities tied to the NCAA basketball tournament boost employee morale, and more than one-third (36 percent) felt March Madness has a positive impact on workplace productivity. These results are up significantly from a similar survey conducted one year ago.

What does that mean for you?

We're not saying you need to come to the office with your face painted and foam finger in tow. However, if your company or team are celebrating March Madness by watching games together or having a friendly competition, you might consider joining in. These types of festivities can give you an opportunity to take a quick breather and return to your desk with renewed energy to get things done. In addition, these events offer a chance to make small talk with your coworkers and get to know them better. Another benefit of participating: It'll prevent you from potentially being seen as a killjoy if you're the only one who isn't taking part. There's also a really good chance you'll even have some fun in the process.

When celebrating March Madness in the office, just remember to find out your company's policies about taking breaksaccessing the Internet for non-business purposes, decorating workspaces and wearing sports-related attire. Trust me, you don't want to get benched.

Does your company organize March Madness activities?

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