Why Admin Job Titles Matter More Than You Think

In your job as an admin professional, are you simply an "executive assistant" or are you an "administrative chief of staff"? There are a lot of unique new job titles cropping up these days. Are they just made-up fluff simply intended to flatter admins?

Absolutely not. The fact is, changing job titles are reflective of new roles administrative professionals are playing in today's office. Your colleagues — and most likely you — are regularly taking on expanded responsibility and adding more value to the organization. As your responsibilities grow, it’s important that your job title evolves accordingly.

Why are job titles such a big deal? Because they can affect what you earn and how future employers view you. This is apparently no secret to most admins: An overwhelming 93 percent of administrative professionals polled for Office of the Future by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals say it’s important that their job titles accurately reflect their duties.

Interestingly, 87 percent of respondents also said they are asked to do something outside of their job descriptions at least somewhat often. 

Unique job titles

When job duties shift significantly, job titles should do the same. Now that employers are asking skilled administrative professionals to wear more hats, some unique job titles are cropping up. These are just a handful of our favorite responses from the survey:

  • Chief executive administrator
  • Director of first impressions
  • Administrative chief of staff
  • Director of administration
  • Administrative services manager

Note that each of these job titles contains words associated with upper management, such as “chief,” “executive,” “director” or “manager.” This change in verbiage shows that employers recognize the benefits of experienced administrative professionals more than ever.

So what about you? If you’ve taken on tasks that have significantly altered your role or workload, it may be time to sit down with your manager to discuss a title change. After all, if you've earned it, you're entitled to it.

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An accurate job title can pay off — literally

Your commitment to meeting the goals and benchmarks associated with your position isn’t the only reason you need an accurate job title; your responsibilities also directly correlate with your salary. Although it makes sense that compensation should align with an individual’s job title — if that title is accurate and up to date — 46 percent of administrative professionals in the survey reported feeling underpaid. If that’s the case with you, ask your manager for a face-to-face meeting to discuss ways your salary can be adjusted to better match the value of the skills and experience you bring to the organization. 

Your job title also plays a vital role in the future of your career. Think about how your current moniker will impact your resume when you’re reaching for the next rung on the corporate ladder. Does it give prospective employers a solid impression of your skills, experience and capabilities?

So what’s in a name? Everything. Propel your career — and possibly your salary — to new heights by making sure your title accurately describes what you do.

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