Survey Says: Admins Are Swimming in Job Satisfaction

job satisfaction

Though their days may be busy, most admins are feeling a great deal of satisfaction on the job, according to a new survey.

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being an administrative professional. This is especially true now that admins have stepped up to meet the increasing need for middle management. And, according to a recent OfficeTeam and International Association of Administrative Professionals survey of more than 2,200 administrative workers for their Office of the Future research project, support staff roles can be very rewarding work, despite — and sometimes because of — the increasing responsibilities you and your fellow professionals are seeing.

Watch the video below to hear what some administrative professionals have to say about why they love their jobs.


In the survey, many admins said that these four things brought them the most job satisfaction:

1. Making a difference

The survey results made it clear that administrative professionals find immense career satisfaction in helping people — from making sure their senior executives have smoothly scheduled days to finding a resolution to a client’s issue. They also enjoy knowing that they are contributing to the success of their organizations by keeping the front lines functioning seamlessly, so their behind-the-scenes colleagues can shine, too.

2. Fully utilizing their skill sets

Many admins said they like teaching themselves how to use new technology. Out of necessity, they’ve become social media experts and the go-to for in-house tech support. In many cases, admins have trained themselves so they could handle these tasks. Administrative professionals also enjoy working in project management roles to develop and implement improvements that streamline operations.

3. Having the trust of their teams

Employers expect admins to make instant decisions on how to adapt to a project that’s encountered an unexpected roadblock or handle an upset customer. And they enjoy being trusted to do this as they see fit: In the survey, having the autonomy to handle tasks the way they feel is best and knowing colleagues have faith in their decision-making abilities was often cited as the most rewarding aspect of the job.

4. Being appreciated

Many administrative professionals reported that their job satisfaction stemmed from being recognized by employers and colleagues for a job well done. Several also noted that they especially enjoy it when teammates let them know on a regular basis that they appreciate all they do –– not just after an outstanding performance on a specific project –– whether it’s for serving as the office’s gatekeeper or implementing databases that make it easier to search for important files.

Admins in the survey also cited mentoring and training others as a basis for satisfaction. This is a win-win situation, as up-and-coming administrative professionals will have big shoes to fill. Additionally, they found a lot of career satisfaction in having the industry expertise that allows them to excel in their specialties and being able to work as equal members of their teams.

To learn more about trends affecting the administrative profession, visit the Office of the Future page.

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