Just Hired as a New Admin? Put Your Best Foot Forward

The day is here. You’re starting a new job as an entry-level administrative assistant and can’t wait to begin. Here are a few simple tips to help you make a positive impression with your employer as a new admin.

Perhaps you’re fresh out of school and ready for the challenge of being a new admin, or maybe you’re moving from one career to another. Whatever the case, now that you’ve landed your first administrative job, it’s important to start on the right track. Following are nine tips that can be game-changers :

1. Go team!

As the saying goes, there’s no “I” in “team.” When starting a new job, introduce yourself to your co-workers. Ask questions about their roles and express interest in what they do. Then, find out how your new admin skills can be most useful to the group.

2. Look the part

An important part of putting your best foot forward is looking polished. Basic wardrobe items like pants and skirts are best left to neutral hues such as beige, dark blue, black and brown. You can always work in some accent color and accessories. Fit is also important, so avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose.

3. Ramp up

You probably already have a basic grasp of what your employer does. Now, take the time to dig a little deeper, so you understand how your organization operates and the impact of your work. What’s the company’s mission statement? What types of clients does it serve? Make sure to read carefully any information provided to you at orientation.

4. Be a goalie

Goals help keep you focused. Discuss your objectives and timeframes for their completion with your boss. For example, a good first-year goal for an entry-level administrative assistant is to learn how to juggle multiple priorities effectively. Your company may choose to pair you with a mentor who can help with skills development.

5. Get set

When starting a new admin job, an efficient workspace is an important piece of the puzzle. Set yours up so it puts key items in easy reach, makes you feel comfortable and encourages productivity. Take into consideration things like your chair’s position and lighting, too. Little things can make a big difference.

6. Document your system

In case you’re out sick or on vacation, keep a set of notes that will make it easy for someone to step in and handle daily procedures, such as answering the phone or reserving meeting spaces. Make sure your manager knows where you store passwords and keys so they can be located when needed. 

7. Get to know team members

Introduce yourself to administrative assistants in other departments as well as people in areas such as the mailroom and information technology. You never know when you’ll need to collaborate on a project in the future. Outside the company, network with people at administrative association and business events to broaden your base of contacts and gain fresh insights into professional situations.

8. Use it or lose it

Take advantage of the perks your new company offers that allow you improve personally in ways that benefit your job. For example, maybe you can get a discount at a local gym, helping you to boost your energy at work and overall health.

9. Never stop learning on your administrative jobs

Do your best to keep your knowledge-base fresh. Consider taking continuing education classes, pursuing a certification, joining organizations or subscribing to specialty publications. Talk to your boss about some of your interests and ask if the company offers any training opportunities. Your passion and enthusiasm will be appreciated and you’ll be more likely to advance your career.

How did you get up to speed as an administrative assistant? Share your tips below.

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