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They assist with promotional activities and compile market research. Organization is their strong suit, especially when it comes to events. No matter how big or small the tasks, they’re ready to help. They’re the marketing assistants. Could this be a good path for you? 

Marketing assistants play a vital role in the marketing department. Need a last-minute presentation? No problem. They’re the grease that oils the wheels of a marketing team, making sure that it operates smoothly.

Here’s a look at the typical marketing assistant job description and salary expectations:

What Does a Marketing Assistant Do?

Generally, marketing assistants support the work of marketing managers and directors on projects designed to maximize a company’s profit and brand awareness. But the actual job duties and responsibilities vary depending on the company and the industry.

Marketing assistants may help create or update marketing collaterals and presentations, support trade show and event planning, maintain the department’s calendar, and organize meetings. They may also help compile market research and provide reporting and analysis.

Here are some common responsibilities in a marketing assistant job description:

  • Assist in the planning, organization, set-up, execution and wrap-up of customer and department events and meetings

  • Manage calendars, scheduling and coordination of meetings, travel, and appointments for executives, visitors and other team members as needed

  • Create and edit a variety of different forms, reports and documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and similar software programs

  • Prepare marketing statistics and information on referrals, introductions, networking activity, events, press releases and new clients

  • Maintain customer database by inputting customer profiles and updates; prepare and distribute monthly reports

As online marketing becomes increasingly important, companies are looking to their marketing assistant to also help with their digital marketing efforts, including managing their social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, drafting content for the website, and supporting digital campaign tracking and reporting.

Valuable Traits

Many marketing assistant job listings require a four-year degree and at least one to two years of marketing-related experience. Candidates with any degree discipline can become marketing assistants, though degree subjects such as marketing, business or statistics can be advantageous. Some companies, depending on the industry, may require more technical skills. 

Superb organizational and communication skills are two must-have qualities for marketing assistants. Candidates who possess strong analytical skills and are proficient in standard Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also highly desirable by employers.

The marketing field is constantly evolving. Aside from the professional experience and soft skills, truly indispensable marketing assistants are also voracious learners who keep up with the latest industry trends and marketing best practices. They are inquisitive and proactive, and demonstrate a desire to build on their skill set.

Salary Benchmarks

In 2014, the national average starting salary for marketing assistants ranges from $30,250 to $39,750. These figures are projected to increase by 3.6 percent in 2015. According to the OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide, the starting pay for marketing assistant positions is expected to rise to between $31,500 and $41,000.

There are many factors that can affect the pay scale for marketing assistants. To find out the salary range for your local area, use the Salary Calculator on

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