Salary Scoop: Customer Service Representative

Customer service excellence has been and will always be one of the critical advantages that helps set companies apart from competitors. Great customer service also supports positive positioning in the minds of customers, helping to keep them happy, satisfied and loyal.

Typically, when customers experience issues or concerns, the first place they turn to is the customer service department (or a call center at some organizations).

It’s true that caring for customers begins with a department; however, it’s upon each and every member of the customer service team to be an agent of the company’s products and services, using his or her communication skills to proficiently handle questions, concerns and more.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely working as a customer service or call center representative, or interested in the profession. Either way, check out the salary range, job description and required skills below. Do they align with your expectations?

Salary Ranges

According to the OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide, customer service professionals are in demand because whether in-house or via a third party call center, they help companies achieve market advantage by building relationships with new and existing customers. To attract and hire the best candidates in the field, employers offer competitive salaries that are based on their level of experience. Provided below is a list of salary ranges to expect for the roles of customer service and call center representatives:

  • Customer Service Representative: $26,500-36,250
  • Call Center Representative: $26,250-35,250
  • Senior Customer Service Representative: $34,000-44,500
  • Senior Call Center Representative: $33,000-43,250

Choose the Job Description That Fits You

Although the end goal of customer relations is the same, the positions vary in responsibilities. Job duties include:

Customer Service Representative

  • Performs data entry
  • Receives and places telephone calls (or if online, receives or offers chat communications)
  • Handles questions, troubleshoots and resolves issues

Senior Customer Service Representative

In addition to the responsibilities mentioned above, duties also include:

  • Managing database records
  • Act as resource for customer service escalations
  • Provide status reports of issues and resolutions
  • May train and/or supervise staff of customer service representatives

Call Center Representative

  • For inbound call centers, respond to customer inquiries, process orders and route calls to appropriate departments
  • For outbound call centers, call on businesses and consumers to offer products and services, obtain customer information and produce leads
  • Manages a high volume of calls

Senior Call Center Representative

Along with the duties of a call center representative, this position must also have a deeper knowledge of products and services and more work experience:

  • Proactively communicates with prospective customers and clients
  • Upsells to existing accounts
  • May train and/or oversee a staff of call center representatives

OfficeTeam recently surveyed more than 380 administrative professionals about how their company offers customer service. While phone and online form continue to be the most common customer service channels, companies are turning to social media as well.


Essential Skills

Among the skills that would help the success of a customer service or call center representative are possessing a good understanding of the company’s products and services, excellent verbal and/or written communication abilities, being savvy at data entry, and demonstrating a professional demeanor over the phone or online.

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The Salary Scoop blog is a recurring feature that focuses on an administrative position to provide valuable insight into the job. For other administrative professional descriptions and compensation information, refer to the OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide.

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