How to Breathe New Life Into Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting strategies that scare candidates

You’ve been trying to staff a job opening for an administrative assistant for weeks, but there's something wrong with your recruiting process. You haven’t received any resumes from job applicants who fit the qualifications.

What’s the problem? Why aren't you getting the job applicants you want to interview?

More than likely, it’s something about the way you’re handling the recruiting process that’s scaring off potential candidates.

Here are four recruiting missteps that keep job seekers from applying for a position — and ways you can avoid them.

The job description is too limiting

It’s OK for your job posting to ask for an administrative professional who has at least 10 years of experience. However, if you also require multilingual abilities, a professional certification and a four-year degree, you might be closing yourself off from potential candidates who have some, but not all, of those attributes.

Review your hiring criteria, and make sure every requirement is essential. Yes, it’s important to hire a highly skilled candidate who can hit the ground running. But remember that training and mentoring can help bring a promising candidate up to speed quickly.

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You have a weak online presence

Applicants for administrative jobs like to research a firm before they get involved in the recruiting process. It’s no wonder: They want to learn about the company’s mission and work environment so they can assess whether they’d fit in and be happy in the job. That’s why they may hesitate to apply for administrative jobs at companies with minimal online presence.

Make sure your website and social media feeds (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) are up to date and represent your organization in a positive manner.

You ask impossible job interview questions

Most hiring managers know that it’s smart to ask job applicants a few open-ended questions during the recruiting process. You want to ensure, though, that your job interview questions aren’t so bizarre or challenging that otherwise enthusiastic applicants are scared away. Rather than asking what fruit or animal they’d want to be (and why), try creative interview questions that will help you assess candidates’ skills with regard to administrative jobs.

Consider these two effective queries: “Can you give me an example of a time when you dealt with a difficult person?” and “How do you prioritize your daily tasks at work?” Job applicants expect challenging job interview questions, but they also expect them to be relevant to the position they're seeking.

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Your compensation plan isn't up to par

Your recruiting process will quickly grind to a halt if you're not offering prospective hires competitive pay. Salary may not be the only thing administrative professionals look for in a job, but it’s always a key factor. Find out whether your starting pay for the position is on a level with that of other firms in your region by using the OfficeTeam Salary Calculator. If it's not, try to bring your salaries up to — or even above — the average. If that’s not possible, look into offering perks that might play well with qualified job applicants.


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