It's National Have Fun at Work Day!

This may sound like a made-up holiday, but it’s true: Today is National Have Fun at Work Day.

It’s unclear how this day started, but it’s a great reminder of the value of laughter and camaraderie at the office. The jobs that you and your coworkers do may be serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider how to have fun at work. Here are some ideas to lighten up the mood without crossing the line with office etiquette (save those political jokes for at home):

Plan an ice cream party. Everyone brings in an item so you can make your own sundaes.

Have themed workdays. It can be anything from Dress in Green Day to Wacky Hat Friday. Choose something that makes it easy for everyone to participate, so no one is left out.

• Decorate workspaces on birthdays. At OfficeTeam’s corporate office, you never know what you’ll find when you arrive at your desk on your special day. Check out the picture below of our colleague Robert’s office, which we filled with socks!


Do a “guess who” photo contest. People submit photos of themselves as babies or even their pets and everyone tries to match the pictures to the employees.

You shouldn't have to work too hard to make an idea list for how to have fun at work. Often, the simplest ideas are the biggest hits.

What have been some of the best activities or celebrations you’ve experienced at the office?