How to Toot Your Own Horn at Work Without Being Annoying

Constantly bragging at work doesn't necessarily help you out, but keeping your accomplishments a secret doesn't benefit you, either. Get the recognition you deserve!

Know someone who always boasts about his or her achievements and loves to be in the limelight? You could learn a thing or two from that person. 

I'm not saying you should be "that guy" in the office who shoves it in everyone's face when he finishes a project or lands a deal. But sometimes it's totally fine -- and necessary -- to toot your own horn. You just need to know the art of doing it properly. 

Increasing your workplace visibility and getting recognition for your contributions is more important than ever. If your boss and higher-ups aren't aware of your accomplishments, they won't acknowledge you for your efforts and potentially reward you appropriately from there. 

Want to find out how you can get the visibility and recognition you deserve at work?

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