How to Quit Your Job Like a Pro


When you leave a job, you don't want to burn any bridges in the process. Read these tips to learn how to quit your job on good terms.

So you've decided it's time to move on from your current position, but you're not exactly sure how to quit your job. It may be tempting to leave in a blaze of glory, but you'll likely regret doing anything dramatic or inappropriate. And you certainly shouldn't resign the way any of the workers in this slideshow did:


Here are some pointers on how to quit your job gracefully:

1. Give proper notice. Schedule a meeting with your boss regarding your resignation so he or she doesn’t hear it through the grapevine first. Providing two weeks' notice is standard, but if your schedule is flexible, offer to stay longer to train a replacement.

2. Get things in order. Provide written instructions to team members on projects and make sure they have access to the tools and information needed to complete assignments.

3. Tie up loose ends. Don't slack off in your last few weeks. Use your remaining time on the job to help complete projects you were working on.

4. Provide feedback. If an exit interview is offered, participate. Be honest with your feedback, but keep it constructive and professional. 

5. Leave on a positive note. Take the time to say goodbye and thank you to colleagues. Provide your contact information and offer to keep in touch

What's the craziest way you've ever heard someone quit a job?

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