How to Job Hunt Like You're Dating

Have you ever thought about how similar dating and a job search are? In both cases, you’re trying to find your perfect match. It can be fun to think about how you can use your dating knowledge (even if it’s been many years) to develop strategies for how to job hunt more effectively.

Here are some lessons dating can offer:

Put your best foot forward. You’d never arrive on a date with stained clothes and messy hair, right? We all know first impressions are lasting ones and you want others to think positively of you when job hunting. So, make sure your resume and cover letter are clean and well written. Reread them carefully – and have friends do the same – to ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors that can harm your job search.

Know what you want. Just as you wouldn’t date just anyone, don’t apply to every job out there. Narrow it down based on your interests and qualifications, so you have genuine enthusiasm about the opportunity. Research each job and show your knowledge in your cover letter. You’re more likely to catch the eye of hiring managers than if you send them generic application materials.

Be upbeat. No one wants to date a Debbie Downer and no one wants to hire one, either. No matter how horrible conditions were at your previous employer, take the high road and avoid negative talk when job hunting. Smile and let your personality shine through, too. People will be assessing your attitude and communication skills diligently for administrative roles.

Watch out for smooth talkers. Be careful when things seem too good to be true. Work from home ads that promise big money for little work or hiring managers claiming there are absolutely no challenges associated with that executive assistant opening are usually not telling the truth.

Expect some rejection. Even if you’re an expert in how to job hunt and have an impressive background, you won’t be a fit for every position you try to land. Understand that, like dating, it can take a number of meetings before you find “the one.”

Don’t settle. As enamored as an employer may be with you, you need to tread carefully before accepting an offer. Step back and make sure there’s a two-way match. Would you truly be happy working for the company? Is the job in line with your goals?

Knowing how to job hunt well comes down to understanding relationships. Using your dating knowledge may be the surprising step that gives you an advantage in your job search.