How to Get Promoted: The Six Steps You Need to Take Today

Getting ahead at work may be on your agenda, but do you know how to get promoted? Learn more about what you need to do right now to achieve your goal.

More responsibility, higher pay, a new job title. You’re ready! However, since the decision to promote you is up to your manager, you need to show you have the capability to impress at the next level.

Here are six key steps that can highlight your potential:

1. Ask what it takes

If you’re interested in getting ahead, why not ask your boss what you need to do? I don’t know of any leader who frowns upon employees with ambition, so it’s worth mentioning your interest. A good approach: “I would love to move into a senior administrative assistant position here. Can you tell me what I need to do to be considered for that level of position?” You’ll either get the advice you need or an inkling that getting promoted isn’t going to happen at your current employer.

2. Go above and beyond

Have a superior work ethic and a “do whatever it takes” mindset. Managers take notice of employees who are the reliable, go-to people on the team, so make sure you’re giving your best effort to everything you do.

3. Don’t be a wallflower

Hard work is great, but it won’t matter if no one even notices. Start speaking up with ideas in staff meetings and take on assignments that will boost your visibility, such as working on a problem-solving team. Also take the time to get to know people at all levels of your organization, so you build name recognition.

4. Make measurable contributions

Another key to getting ahead is making a notable difference in your company. Maybe you find a new shipping option that’s 10 percent cheaper than the one your business currently uses or train people on a new software application, making them more efficient with their work. Be sure you spell out the ways you’re adding value when you provide progress reports to your boss.

5. Stay smart

Keep on top of professional trends by attending association events, taking classes, and reading administrative blogs and magazines. Also consider earning a certification to reinforce your commitment to your field and showcase your expertise.

6. Find a mentor

Finally, get a support system in place that will help you with getting promoted. Friends and family are great at this, but it’s also worth finding a mentor. If your company doesn’t have a formal mentoring program, ask someone you admire if they’re willing to meet with you periodically to offer career advice.

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