Hiring and Salary Trends for Administrative Positions in 2014

Knowledge is power when you are considering a job change, seeking a promotion or asking for a pay raise. The better you understand your value in today’s market, the better you’ll be able to prepare yourself to achieve your goals. The recently released OfficeTeam 2014 Salary Guide lists projected 2014 starting salaries for more than 60 administrative positions.

Here are three of the major trends that will affect administrative positions throughout the next 12 months:

1. Opportunities Open Up. Growing workloads are translating into new job possibilities for support staff. Companies are not only filling vacancies but also creating new administrative positions.

But hiring managers want people who will fit in on day one. This means individuals who can mesh well with colleagues and the workplace culture and bring to the table all of the right skills to make an immediate impact.

Specialties such as healthcare, human resources (HR) and customer service are seeing an upswing in hiring activity. Companies are adding HR staff to support their expanding workforces, while customer service is a priority as firms try to gain and keep new business.

2. Skill Sets Stand Out. Managers know just what they’re looking for when filling administrative positions. It begins with a strong foundation in technology. This goes beyond just being proficient with the basics of Microsoft Office and means having knowledge of more advanced features as well. Familiarity with social media is growing in importance as businesses leverage their presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Hiring managers are looking for stellar communicators. Applicants must display strong verbal and written communication skills, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

There is also demand for multitasking abilities. Supervisors want to be able to give administrative staff a number of projects and know that all will be completed correctly and on time.

3. Salaries for Administrative Positions Reflect Demand. Overall starting salaries for administrative jobs are expected to increase 3.3 percent in the U.S. in 2014. Bigger gains are projected for the most experienced individuals.

Compensation packages have been changing in ways more than salary alone. Many employers are adjusting perks and benefits, as well, to help attract administrative job candidates. Flexible work arrangements, health and wellness programs, and subsidized training are just a few incentives being offered today to help companies recruit and retain top workers.

These are some of the national trends our staffing professionals are seeing for 2014. Want to learn more about what to expect in the administrative field? Visit the OfficeTeam Salary Center to download our 2014 Salary Guide and check out the other resources!