Hello Summer! Simple Steps to Find or Staff A Summer Job

It's the end of spring and summer is on the way. Whether you're looking for a summer job or need temporary staffing while employees are on vacation, here are some steps that can help.

Summer is approaching and we all know what that means – kids out of school, long-awaited vacations for some, and work for others. Even though these months may seem like a period of time when life slows and people take time to bask in the warmth of the sun, it actually isn’t the case for businesses.

As employees take their well-deserved time off for rest and relaxation, companies can be proactive and plan to keep their workloads on track. 

There is a synchronous process that takes place when an employer has an administrative position to fill and a candidate is in search of a job. I like to refer to it as the hiring hustle. Like a dance, each participant in the job search has his or her part to perform. An employer ‘leads’ when there is a need to fill a temporary assignment and a candidate looking for a job follows suit.

Summer is a great time for companies and temporary employees to "partner" and determine if there is chemistry. If so, managers get the help they need and temp employees gain exposure and additional experience to fill their dance card (aka resume).

Whether you are looking for a summer job or hiring for help sometime during the next few months, here are steps to help you in your own hiring hustle.

If you’re a job seeker – Keep these simple steps in mind when looking for a summer job:

  1. Start preparing now: Review and update your resume. Have an interview outfit picked and ready to go, making sure it portrays an executive presence for the best representation of you.
  2. Contact a recruiter: Utilize a recruiter’s services to save time and get the inside scoop on open jobs. Staffing firms have a wide network of resources and clients that can help make your search productive and less stressful. Some also offer access to free training courses to help keep your skills up-to-date, relevant and marketable.
  3. Consider temporary work. Temporary work is like a try-out. As you work at an assignment, you can evaluate if it’s what you enjoy and expect at a future opportunity. Additionally, you may gain new skills and experience that can help you advance in your career.

If you’re a hiring manager Follow these steps to ensure you make the right hire:

  1. Start preparing now: Get a head start on determining the jobs you’ll need to staff in the next few months by assessing your team’s vacation schedules. Ask your employees to provide a detailed list of projects/tasks that must be done while on vacation so you can establish a job description for the required skills and expertise you’ll need.
  2. Contact a staffing agency: Utilize staffing services for assistance in the process of quickly finding and employing temporary workers with the skills you need. Bring in the temporary professional for training a day or two ahead of an employee’s vacation to maintain continuity and transparency.
  3. Consider temporary workers for future projects: There are other times of the year that using temps make good business sense, too. Assess future schedules or projects and plan in advance for additional administrative help to be prepared.

While employees take their vacation time to recharge, it’s also important to remember not to overburden and burn out staff that remains. Using temporary services allows other employees to stay focused on their own tasks and not be overloaded in case they take on the work of colleagues who are out of the office.

Remember – there’s a time for work and a time for play. In either side of the hiring hustle, make sure you start making your moves now. Enjoy your summer!