Enhance Your Professional Image By Making These 5 Changes Today


In case you missed our OfficeTeam webinar, "Developing Your 'It' Factor: Enhancing Your Professional Image and Marketability" or want to see it again, a recording is now available!

Here are 5 things OfficeTeam Executive Director Robert Hosking discussed that you can do immediately to gain an executive presence at work: 

1. Show initiative. People who have that "it" factor are proactive, decisive and confident. Step it up in the office by doing things before you're asked. Speak up to share your thoughtful feedback and offer sound recommendations.

2. Communicate effectively. Make sure you have top-notch verbal and written communication skills. Take courses or ask others for feedback if you could use some help with writing or public speaking. 

3. Build and maintain professional relationships. Get your name out there at work by introducing yourself to people you don't normally interact with and volunteering for committees or projects outside your normal job. Show that you care about others by being a good listener and focusing on group goals. Once you've established relationships, don't let them fizzle! 

4. Dress for success. What you wear can play a role in how you're perceived. It's always better to be dressed on the higher end of the scale. Don't forget to pay attention to details.

5. Use body language to your advantage. Learn the basics about body language so you can ensure your non-verbal signals are reinforcing your message. You'll also be able to better interpret what others are saying and what they mean. Just make sure to always keep context and background in mind. 

How have you enhanced your professional image? 

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