Don't Make This Mistake With Employee Recognition!

It’s Administrative Professionals Week and you want to show appreciation for your admins’ hard work? Don’t do the following!

Employee recognition is a great way to make your staff feel like a million bucks and want to stay at your company. However, as this video from our Recognition Gone Wrong series shows, it can quickly backfire if you don’t get it right.

Want to make sure your staff appreciation efforts are meaningful? It’s probably best to avoid singing your employees’ praises literally, and definitely make sure you know their names. Also, check out this list of great recognition strategies.

Don’t forget to use these ideas this week and throughout the year to show your administrative staff how much you value their contributions!

Managers, what is the most unique reward you've given for employee recognition? Admins, what is the strangest gift you've received as thanks for a job well done?

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