Does One Cup of Coffee a Day (or More) Keep Your Motivation in Play?

Whether you refer to coffee as your daily caffeine fix, your morning cup o’ joe or by the brand name itself (such as Starbucks®, Peet's®, Philz™ and others), this brewed beverage is a worldwide favorite that over the many years of existence, satisfies, brings people together and can generate engaging discussion. Were you aware that National Coffee Day is Monday, September 29?

Coffee … I discovered it back in 2001, and was never the same.

Introduced to me by coworkers and friends who frequented various establishments, I thought I would never get into this bitter beverage; after all, if I drank it, I imagined I would need heaps of cream and sugar to satisfy my taste buds, and that would be no bueno to my health. And, here I am years later, hooked on my hot or iced (depending on my mood) white chocolate mochas, one percent milk and no whip.

In honor of National Coffee Day, our OfficeTeam team of writers asked friends and associates on various social media networks  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter  about their coffee drinking habits. When asked, "How many cups of coffee do you need to get through the day?" the average response was 1-2 cups each day, most with cream/milk. Some tips for those who want to cut back on the related expense or coffee consumption in general:

  • Be your own barista and turn your coffee at work into a mocha by adding a packet of hot chocolate mix (try the mix with extra calcium for added value).
  • If you’re trying to cut down on caffeine, drink mineral water instead. The fizz of the bubbles can make the water interesting and be the "pick-me-up" you need. Or, drink plain water – the benefit is you’ll stay hydrated.
  • There are caffeine alternatives, such as energy shot products and diet sodas, and you may find these substitutes work for you.
  • Instead of coffee, go with a good breakfast – one that you fancy and that offers protein to help you get through the morning.

Want to know more about the coffee-drinking habits of others? According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), consumers are showing signs of shifting from regular coffee to gourmet coffee consumption. In an interesting NCA infographic released earlier this year, 34% of Americans drink gourmet coffee beverages daily (that’s up 3% from last year), while 35% consume non-gourmet coffee – and, that’s 4% down from 2013. I know this is presumptuous on my part, but I would think some of those coffee drinkers finally made the switch to the gourmet side. Another statistic of interest is that 61% of Americans drink more coffee than soft drinks (at 41%). Coffee is timeless …

Around Monday, September 29, 2014, be on the lookout for specials and discounts that may likely be offered by your favorite coffeehouse.

Please share: Do you HAVE to start your day with coffee? How many of you have said during a morning meeting, “I’m sorry, I’m not awake because I haven’t had my coffee yet"? I know I've said this many a time!

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