Cool Office Gadgets for Your Black Friday Shopping List

Who doesn’t want fun, new gadgets they can use at work? You know, the kind that make coworkers “ooh” and “aah” with jealousy. Here are some worth throwing in your shopping cart this holiday season.

Are you ready for Black Friday? The biggest shopping day of the year is a great time to splurge on yourself or find holiday gifts for coworkers. Of course, shopping can be faster and easier when you have a list of cool office gadgets and desktop accessories that are perfect for office professionals.

Here are some of our favorites, from the quirky to the high-tech — and sometimes both at once.

Intelligent pens

Taking notes, lengthy messages and dictation just got easier. This handy device takes notes just like a regular pen, and it can convert your handwriting to digital text, too. Pretty amazing, right? But there’s more: Intelligent pens can record audio, then highlight entries in your handwritten notes based on the stored audio. Check out a sampling of these novice nibs:

USB creature comforts

There’s now an abundance of handy USB office gadgets that can improve life in the office when they’re plugged into your computer. If you groan every time the air conditioning clicks on, maybe a USB warming blanket or gloves will boost your body temperature — and your productivity. Are the office environment and paper shuffling wreaking havoc on your skin? A USB humidifier might be just the ticket. Plug into these awesome office gadgets:

Noise-reducing headphones

If you sit in a high-traffic area — or across from a loud talker — noise-reducing headphones could cut distractions while you work on routine tasks like data entry. Is it OK to stream music in your office? Check with your manager if you’re not sure. Also, choose a station that doesn’t interfere with your work quality while it’s blocking other noise. If song lyrics distract you, try classical music or jazz — or white noise. We looked to CNET to find this silencing selection:

Perpetual calendars

If you’re responsible for managing a multitude of calendars, it helps to have one that doesn’t need replacing each year. Perpetual calendars include easy-to-change elements indicating the month and the date but don’t include the year, so you can use them for as long as you like. They’re also great office desk accessories that can really brighten up a workspace. These office gadgets come in many forms, including sculptural pieces and old-fashioned paper designs. Here are a few examples of this functional fun:

Not your ordinary sticky notes

To brighten your workspace, trade your plain yellow sticky notes for something with a little more flair. The options are endless, from pads that look like floppy disks and iPhones to fruits, toast and even origami. The following stuck in our minds:

Whether you’re shopping for gadgets and office desk accessories that help ramp up productivity or brighten a coworker’s day, there are two points to remember: First, always follow workplace guidelines to avoid offending colleagues or clients with your choices. And consult IT before buying USB devices, so you don’t end up frying a motherboard or causing a security breach.

What awesome gadgets do you use daily? Planning on treating yourself to any new ones? Let us know in the comments section.

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