Common Misconceptions About Admins #3: It’s a Dying Profession

misconceptions dying profession

As managers increasingly use technology to prepare reports and memos by themselves, some people believe that administrative professionals are a dying breed. One day, they say, admins simply won’t be needed. Here’s why that’s not the case.

With the increasing roles admins are playing in the Office of the Future, we just don’t see the profession disappearing. Neither does the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

BLS data shows that administrative jobs are growing. In the U.S., it is projected that 1.5 million new jobs will be added in office and administrative support occupations between 2012 and 2022. Secretaries and administrative assistants rank in the top 15 of occupations with the greatest job growth between 2012 and 2022.

Let’s take a look at three reasons there’s no need to worry that your profession will become obsolete.

1. Your organization needs your support

Admins are the foundation of any successful organization. The work you do provides support to colleagues, managers and executives. If you weren’t there to field calls or enter data, they’d have to do it all themselves, which would distract them from their core job roles. Even using the latest technology, there are just too many details of office life for any individual tasked primarily with non-administrative responsibilities to handle alone.

2. You have increased responsibilities

Take a moment to consider what constitutes an administrative role in today's workplace. You screen calls and mail, coordinate travel and plan special events. Additionally, you train and mentor others and are often the in-office tech guru. In some companies, you are now responsible for managing the organization’s social media profiles. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. So if you ever start to accept the misconception that administrative roles are on the way out, remind yourself how your skills and abilities are playing an even larger part in the organization’s efficiency and success today.

3. You’re in high demand

Think about it: If admins were truly in danger of going the way of the dinosaurs, there would be little demand for them. But according to the OfficeTeam Salary Guide, the demand for skilled administrative professionals continues to escalate. In fact, today’s  competition for top administrative talent has resulted in employers offering these professionals increased salaries and benefits.

It’s clearly safe to say that organizations will continue to need skilled professionals to handle their administrative tasks. Also, in an OfficeTeam survey, 94 percent of senior managers said their administrative professionals are important to their success. It’s not a stretch to say the future of admins is rock solid.

For more information on how your role will continue to thrive due to increasing administrative needs, check out our Office of the Future page.

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