Common Misconceptions About Admins #1: It's An Easy Job

admins easy job

There are many common misconceptions about today’s administrative professionals. Some believe, for example, that their jobs aren’t all that complex. But that myth is increasingly on its way out the door. 

You know that while being an admin is rewarding, it's no easy job. OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals’ Office of the Future research shows that administrative professionals are now tasked with more duties. As their responsibilities grow, admins are contributing more to the workplace than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the skills today’s administrative professionals are bringing to the table. Chances are good you’ll recognize a few you’ve taken on yourself.

1. Social media prowess

Social media has grown to encompass client and customer feedback, questions and complaints. In many cases, admins have added handling this task to their rosters. Additionally, there is little training for managing social media accounts, so many have had to teach themselves how to field inquiries on Facebook or calm an upset customer on Twitter. If you’re among them, it’s because you’re a #superadmin.

2. Additional tech savvy

You can’t even think about applying for an administrative job without being proficient in Microsoft Office. Because of this, administrative professionals are often the go-to tech advisers of the workplace. You’re the person colleagues seek out for Word tips or tutorials on organizing their Outlook inboxes. If you want to take your tech skills to the next level, think about becoming Microsoft Office certified.  

3. Specialized industry knowledge

Admins who have a full grasp of trends in their company’s industry can work more efficiently. There’s little or no learning curve, as they’re able to understand the jargon or they’re familiar with the nuances of a sector’s software platform. A good example is the healthcare field. To be effective in administrative jobs in healthcare, you’ll need a grasp of medical billing, insurance and even the finer points of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

4. Project management

Many of today’s administrative professionals have added project management to their skill set and contribute valuable ideas to the team as they help keep projects on schedule. Being ever mindful of organization and efficiency, many admins are coming up with innovative ways to improve processes and procedures.

It takes time for common misconceptions to fade, but it’s clear the mistaken notion that an admin has an easy job is well on its way out. So you’re not left behind, make certain you’re keeping your skills up to date. Consider joining an administrative association and talk to your manager about what type of professional development would help you contribute even more.

To learn more about the ever-changing roles of admins, visit OfficeTeam’s Office of the Future page. And for more common misconceptions about administrative roles, watch this blog.

What are some of the common misconceptions you’ve encountered in your administrative jobs? Let us know in the comments section.

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