Management Advice

How to Help Your Team Build a Customer Service Mindset

A customer service professional at her desk embodies the ideal customer service mindset

As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This holds a lot of weight with customer service workers as well as administrative staff, who are often the initial point of contact for a company’s clients, vendors and other business contacts. Is your team ready with the right customer service mindset?


6 Simple Ways to Prevent Workplace Burnout

An administrative professional suffers from workplace burnout at her desk

Preventing workplace burnout in your administrative team isn’t just good for morale, it’s also good for the bottom line. Overwork or stress leading to physical and mental exhaustion produces disengaged employees who aren’t as productive, who are absent more often — and who eventually find other jobs. Worse, they’ve likely to spread their feelings of frustration to other administrative colleagues. 


Are You Adequately Staffed, or Is It Time to Hire?

Sometimes it’s crystal clear that it’s time to hire: Maybe someone has quit a critical administrative job on your team or your company is opening a second local office. What if it’s less clear whether you need to add more employees, though?


How Mindfulness at Work Can Help You Better Manage Stress

A sign about practicing mindfulness at work. It reads, "Stress Free Zone"

There are plenty of things that cause stress at work for busy administrative professionals. While we’re hard-pressed to change the people or circumstances that prompt workplace anxiety, we can change the way we respond to them. And one way to manage stress is to practice mindfulness at work.