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5 Things You Should Know About Microsoft Office Certification


You may spend the majority of your days at administrative jobs working with Microsoft Office applications. You may even consider yourself a pro. But have you considered making it official and becoming a certified Microsoft Office Specialist? It could pay off for your career.


Want To Be an Executive Assistant? Here's What You Need to Know

executive assistant salary scoop

There continues to be a high demand for executive assistants, especially those with strong technical and soft skills. Here's what you need to know about an executive assistant salary, responsibilities and sought-after skills when considering if the position is right for you.


How to Hire (and What to Pay) Customer Service Representatives

Image of a customer service representative.

Customer service excellence will always be one of the critical advantages that helps set companies apart from competitors. Great customer service representatives also support positive positioning in the minds of customers, helping to keep them happy, satisfied and loyal.