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Time for a Do-Over: How to Overcome a Bad First Impression

Photo of women looking slightly embarrassed.

We’ve all had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and making a bad first impression – the cringe worthy kind that makes you wish you had a time machine. While you can’t turn back the clock, there are things you can do to try to change a less than optimal first encounter to a positive second impression.


How to Succeed — and Thrive — as an Introvert at Work

Introverted man sitting at a desk and looking off to one side.

It may seem as if the only type of workers that employers hire and promote are extroverts. But it takes all kinds of personalities to make a company successful, and being an introvert at work isn’t always a disadvantage.


Vacation Time? How to Craft an Effective Out-of-Office Message


You booked the flight and hotel room months ago. You’ve crossed everything off of your to-do list, and your inbox is clear. There’s one last thing for you to do before you take off on your trip: write and activate the out-of-office message on your email.


Are You Providing Excellent Customer Service?

excellent customer service

Would you say you have excellent customer service skills? Read what it really takes to impress those you encounter each day and take a quiz to learn your customer service style.