An Admin and Her Manager Share Thoughts on Their Collaboration

If you follow baseball, then you’ve heard the term “sweet spot,” which is that place on the bat where, if a ball is hit at the precise point, a combination of factors result in the most optimum response for a given amount of effort. And, in the case of a player, a homerun! You can achieve a similar sweet spot during collaboration at work, and here's how.

Are you aiming to reach a point where your individual contributions and efforts in teamwork culminate in great working relationships that help you to excel, grow and, above all, be happy in your career?

Barbette Fields, a temporary administrative professional with OfficeTeam, believes she’s found it at a packaging company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Together with her manager, Sheryl Garlick, they provide their viewpoints on what makes their work partnership click.

Describe the ideal administrative professional.

Barbette: Someone who is happy, does his or her best and greets everyone with a smile. Someone who organizes assignments, handles different personalities and collaborates with his or her manager to prioritize deadlines.

Sheryl: A person who fits the company culture and represents the company well through his or her efforts and behavior. Someone with good communication skills to listen and translate the work routine. And, an admin professional who is a problem-solver, spotting opportunities and then willingly taking on responsibilities.

What makes your manager/admin professional collaboration work?

Barbette: My manager believes in me and trusts me. I communicate with her, always asking questions when I don’t know the answers and need clarification. When projects or tasks need re-prioritizing, I discuss it with my manager and together we find a solution. I believe in keeping my work relationship stress-free and open.

Sheryl: Barbette is conscientious and picks up on the little things that we do that are unique to our company, and fits in well with our work environment. When she finds free time, she takes initiative, promptly looking for constructive things to do and communicating her desire for additional assignments as well.

What adjectives would you use to describe you or your admin professional’s approach to teamwork?

Barbette: I am dedicated, organized, reliable, dependable and goal-oriented.

Sheryl: Barbette is kind, considerate, outgoing, cooperative and eager.

Sometimes the “pinch hitter” in the office, the administrative professional can be called upon at a moment’s notice to take on a spontaneous task. As Barbette and Sheryl note, having an optimistic attitude, a willingness to pitch in and a collaborative work style is the winning combination to a great manager/admin duo.

Do you and your manager have a positive work partnership? Please share any of your own tips or advice on how you work well together in the comments section below.

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