A Quick Guide to Time Management

time management

Got time management issues? Read on for some tricks that can give you more control over your workday.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough information about time management. Life is busy, busy, busy and it’s great to learn new ways to gain more time to the day. So, for this first installment of our new Heard in the Lunchroom series, I’m going to focus on some great advice we’ve given in our Take Note blog posts. I hope these tips inspire you to take charge of your time and get organized!

Back to Basics

So overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin? Here are two key pointers from our 5 Time Management Tricks to Stay on Track post.

• Restrict multi-tasking. We all know how easy it is to respond to emails while on a conference call, but missing important information could limit your ability to complete the required tasks and ultimately hinder your performance.

• Keep a record of your activities. You may notice that some duties are best suited to a certain time of day or week. You may also realize that you can batch tasks together and tackle them once a week.

Read the rest of the article for additional tips.

Get Tickled!

Are you using a tickler file? If not, it’s worth adding to your time management arsenal. What is a tickler file, you ask? It’s a filing system with folders for each day of the month.

To put a tickler file into action, place tasks that need to be done by particular days into the subset daily folders for the current month. For example, if you process invoices on the 15th of the month, place all invoices that come across your desk into folder number 15. If the due date for a task is more than 31 days out, place it in the corresponding monthly folder.

For a complete rundown of what you should do with a tickler file, go to Set Up a Tickler File for a Smile – and Great Organization.

Is Your Messy Desk Slowing You Down?

Knowing how to organize your desk can be a sanity-saver! Here are three top tips:

1. Customize your method. Experiment with different organizational systems to see what works best for you. Try out various containers, baskets or drawer organizers.

2. Nix the paper. If you have notes taped all over your computer monitor and desk, convert them to electronic documents or slip them in a binder. See if you can streamline the layers of paper on your bulletin board.

3. Stash it. Put items you don’t use on a daily basis, like a tape dispenser or stapler, into a drawer or container.

To learn four more tips that can help you get organized, check out How to Organize Your Desk: 7 Tips.

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