8 Must-Have Motivational Apps to Achieve Your Career Goals


It’s super easy to get excited about setting career goals at the start of the year. After exercise and nutrition, job or career goals are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions. But now that the new year is well under way, it may seem a lot harder to keep pursuing career goals. But don’t panic. You can find help in making these goals a reality — right on your smartphone!

Looking to find a new job or broaden your network? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are a lot of apps for smartphones and tablets to give you just the kick you need. Here's our selection of eight motivational apps to help you keep your career moving:

For networking

OK, we’ll start with a softball. If you’re looking for admin work, chances are you’re already on LinkedIn (and if you’re not, you should be). Now make sure you have the app. Combining the connective power of LinkedIn with the immediacy of your phone will be immensely helpful for networking and reaching out to potential job contacts. Plus, its mobile interface is very user-friendly.

For job searching

SimplyHired is one of the biggest job boards around, with a comprehensive category search, including admin-specific jobs. JobCompass is a geographical job search, allowing you to look for admin jobs by location — helpful whether your career goal is to find a job close to you or transfer to a new city.

For researching potential jobs

If your goal is to work for a company that’s a great fit for you or where the environment is welcoming and supportive, you need apps that take you beyond employer websites. Enter Glassdoor. This app takes employee reviews and opinions about the companies they work for — and delivers them right to your phone. You can even find reviews of specific CEOs and executives to give you some insight into your prospective bosses.

For interview preparation

Interview Prep Questions stands out among similar motivational apps in that it makes the interview prep process simple and fun. By turning questions into flashcards, providing suggested answers and allowing you to save questions you want to keep working on (while discarding ones you’ve mastered), this app will fortify you to get ready for your interviews.

For personal motivation

While you’re working on your career goals, don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you aren’t fulfilling personal goals, especially ones around exercise, sleep and self-care, getting to those career goals will be much harder. GoalsOnTrack uses visualization, goal journals and time tracking (among other techniques) to move you toward your goals, one step at a time.HabitRPG indulges your inner nerd by building daily habits through gamification — leveling up a game avatar. If you want support from others pursuing the same goals or access to expert guidance from a coach, check out the coach.me app. If none of those does it for you, you can easily find another that works better.

Have you found other motivational apps for pursuing professional goals? Share the ones you like best in comments.

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