6 Highlights From Our Webinar About Hiring Trends for Administrative Jobs

Did you miss our webinar about the latest salary and employment trends affecting the administrative field? Have no fear -- a recording of "2014 Compensation and Hiring Trends for Administrative Jobsis now available.

Listen as OfficeTeam Executive Director Robert Hosking discusses administrative jobs and skills in greatest demand in the U.S. and Canada; tips on pay raises, bonuses and other forms of incentive compensation; how to prepare for a phone interview and extend a job offer; and advice on conducting performance reviews.

Here are 6 administrative hiring trends that were covered:

1. It's challenging for many North American employers to find skilled professionals, so strong applicants may receive multiple job offers. Companies also are raising salaries and offering more attractive perks and benefits to help set themselves apart.

2. An aging population, healthcare reform and the ongoing transition to electronic medical records are leading to a variety of U.S. job openings in the healthcare sector. 

3. When evaluating candidates, managers both in the U.S. and Canada are weighing in how well someone will fit in with their corporate culture.

4. As the U.S. economy starts to improve, companies are looking to expand their workforces, and they are seeking HR and recruiting staff to assist with this growth.

5. Customer service is a priority. U.S. businesses are focusing on client acquisition and retention as they aim to maintain a competitive edge and increase sales.

6. North American companies are increasingly embracing temporary-to-full-time arrangements so they can assess firsthand someone’s work quality and job fit before extending an employment offer.

Want more insights about hiring and retaining top administrative professionals in today’s market? Watch the full webinar video to learn more. 

What hiring trends do you think will have the greatest impact on administrative jobs this year?