6 Easy Ways to Take Your Job from Temp to Hire

A temporary job can certainly open doors to new opportunities. According to the American Staffing Association, half (49%) of temporary workers say this kind of work is a way to get a permanent position. But do you know what it takes to turn that interim role into a full-time one at a company?

Millions of people go to work each week in temporary positions. For many, it offers a great way to earn a paycheck, have control over their schedule, learn new skills and broaden their professional networks. However, what if you’re looking to take that assignment to the next level and turn it from temp to hire?

Some positions are clearly defined as temporary-to-full-time from the outset, but other times you may be considered for internal openings simply by impressing during a temporary assignment. Here are six things you need to do to stand out in either situation:

1. Exceed expectations

Start every temporary job with a positive mindset and give your best effort. Even if a position isn’t the perfect match to your goals, it may lead to something that is.

I can tell you firsthand that hard work can lead to an employment offer. I once worked a temporary job at a bank’s call center. While this wasn’t what I hoped to do long-term, I was offered a position on their internal team, all because I proved myself to be an asset to the group. I did my best to get up-to-speed with their phone system and approved dialogue as quickly as I could, and was upbeat every day (which isn’t always easy dealing with difficult calls). While I didn’t ultimately accept the job, it was great to have the option and I made valuable connections who kept watch for other opportunities more in line with my career goals.

2. Be a team player

Take the initiative and go beyond your job description to help out. Maybe you’ve finished up your key responsibilities and notice other admins busy stuffing envelopes for an important project that needs to mail that day. Step in and offer your assistance. It’s easy to envision you as part of the team if you already act like part of the team.

3. Fit into the corporate culture

Take note of the little things around the office. How do people dress? Is there a playful, casual atmosphere or more reserved one? Respect the way things are currently done and aim to blend in with your colleagues.

4. Network

Never underestimate the importance of socializing while on a temporary assignment. This doesn’t mean you should chat away the day, but do take the time to talk to your coworkers and managers during breaks. Let them know more about you and your professional goals.

5. Build your knowledge of the company

Do what you can to better understand the employer, including its history and its business plans, so you know just how your skills can benefit the team.

6. Express an interest

If you want to take a job from temp to hire, don’t keep it a secret! Mention your interest to your staffing manager as well as to those you meet at the company. Your staffing manager can even help recommend you for full-time internal openings.

Have you turned a job from temp to hire? Share your experience below.

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