5 Reasons You Should Join Our Hiring and Salary Trends Webinar on February 4

hiring and salary trends webinar

Haven't registered yet for OfficeTeam's webinar about salary and employment trends for support staff in 2015? This list will convince you there's no time like the present to sign up. 

For anyone who may be on the fence about joining our webinar, "Top Administrative Hiring and Salary Trends to Watch for in 2015,” here are 5 reasons you should attend on February 4:

1. You'll get the inside scoop on this year's administrative job market. 

We'll go over the latest U.S. and Canadian employment trends to help you staff up or get ahead in your career. 

2. It's about time you knew the average starting salary for your position. 

By learning how to calculate the salary range for an administrative position in your local market, you can determine if you're being paid -- or paying employees -- up to par. 

3. You have no idea which skills are hot these days. 

The administrative job market is constantly changing, and having in-demand skills will set you apart. For employers, bringing on staff with sought-after attributes will help you stay competitive. 

4. Thinking about salary negotiation makes you nervous. 

Salary negotiation can be awkward for everyone involved, but knowing some do's and don'ts will make the process a little less daunting. 

5. Did we mention it's free?     

That's right, you can get all this valuable information at no cost.

We hope you'll join us on February 4!

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