5 Mobile Apps Every Admin Professional Should Know About

When there’s no time to get back to your desk, make sure you’ve got everything you need for administrative jobs on your phone. These 5 mobile apps have you covered.

As an administrative professional, sometimes you need to react promptly, no matter where you are. That’s where mobile technology comes in. There are mobile apps for everything under the sun these days, and the best apps not only let you take the office with you everywhere, they seamlessly integrate in-office and out-of-office administration tasks.

Mobile apps useful for administrative jobs

Here are five business apps to help keep you organized, so you can perform at your best and provide your team the support they need. Some can help you collaborate better as a team with shared files and lists.

1. Evernote

Evernote combines personal notes and lists, project notes, goal tracking, and a dozen other note-related tasks in a platform that you can keep to yourself and share with colleagues at the same time. Evernote “notebooks” start out as private but can be easily shared with everyone who needs to see and work on them. You can also clip web articles, emails and even photos into Evernote for future reference.

2. Dropbox

There are a number of cloud storage programs, and Dropbox is one of the most popular apps in that field. Need to access an important document while away from the office? No problem. Back it up in Dropbox, and you’ll be able to view, send and even edit it from your phone, which is perfect for off-site meetings. (Note: Before you copy any office files to an external location, you may need to check with your IT department about their policy on copying files from your internal network.)

3. LogMeIn

If you need access to more than just selected files, there are business apps that can give you full remote access to your office computer. LogMeIn allows full access to your desktop via your smartphone. You can open documents, launch applications and do anything else your desktop allows — even from miles away. (Again, be aware that you may need to check with your IT department before attempting remote access to the company network.)

4. Genius Scan

With Genius Scan, you’ll never have to worry about assembling paper notes and documents, collecting receipts or transcribing handwritten notes to a computer ever again. Simply take a smartphone picture of whatever piece of paper you want to keep, and Genius Scan will turn it into a PDF. You can even email that PDF back to yourself, your boss or anyone else who needs it.

5. Wunderlist

No review of business apps would be complete without a to-do list mobile app. Wunderlist is a high-performing list app that allows you to compile multiple lists, add comments to them, share them with others and set reminders for when tasks need to be completed. Wunderlist can also incorporate calendar events, combining the functions of to-do list and planner in one place.

Which mobile apps have helped you streamline and optimize your administrative job? Share the best apps in comments below.

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