5 Helpful Business Travel Planning Resources

Time to book a business trip for people on your team? Learn about the latest travel apps and tools that can make that task easier.

As an administrative professional, you may often act as a travel agent. So travel planning skills can be essential — especially at the executive and senior executive assistant level — because executive travel can be critical to keeping the company running smoothly.

Here are five outstanding travel apps and sites that can help you meet your executive travel planning responsibilities:

1. Concur Travel. This all-in-one travel planning site focuses on serving businesses. Besides booking flights, trains, cars and hotels, it makes sure your plans comply with company policy and handles approval of expenses and bookings. Concur Travel provides e-receipts, has a dashboard for employee travel requests and offers reports that help you track travel spending.

2. Hipmunk. The Hipmunk site gives you a different approach to booking airfare and hotels, with unique features that are helpful if you are organizing individual rather than group travel. Its sorting and search functions offer convenient options that go beyond price, airline and flight time. For example, you can search the past trips you’ve booked, making it fast and easy to schedule repeat trips to the same place. You can even search by “agony,” which guides you to the least complicated trip possible. For hotels, you can search by neighborhood, business, luxury and other factors that can help you find just what you need.

3. FlightTrack. This software application provides up-to-the-minute tracking of flights from your mobile device. Because of its real-time updates, this is a great app for both you and your company travelers to have. If your boss’s flight is delayed, canceled or moved, you’ll be alerted immediately, and so will your boss. With these FlightTrack features, you can adapt more smoothly to surprises. You can display all flights on one screen for an easy travel itinerary.

4. GateGuru/SeatGuru. This is two travel apps in one. GateGuru tracks flights and, more importantly, it displays airport information. You can see terminal maps, amenities and even weather forecasts for any airport. SeatGuru features layouts of 800 different airplane cabins with information about every seat. It even offers user comments, so you can easily make the best choices before you book.

5. TripIt for Teams. If you’re making plans for coworkers traveling together, TripIt for Teams has you covered. It brings together itineraries, lodging and other plans for your whole group. All the information is displayed in a central dashboard, making it easy for the team to keep up to date — on their own plans and on each other. From there, you can fill in a team calendar and split out individual expense reports for each employee. You even have access to a dedicated TripIt customer service team, which provides both real-time priority travel support and an interactive online help center.

Here’s one of the biggest advantages of these resources: Because they’re all designed for mobile devices, your travel planning is not only extremely convenient. it’s also easy to adjust on the fly.

What travel planning apps have made your job easier? Share in the comments section below.

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