25 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement: Tips 21 to 25

Here they are: Our last five tips for increasing employee engagement, boosting morale and keeping productivity high.

21. Create a place where people want to work. Professionals feel more eager to come into the office if it’s comfortable and clean and provides all the tools necessary to do the job effectively. They’re also happier and more engaged when management promotes a clear commitment to basic courtesy and demands that employees treat each other with respect.

22. Be stingy with meetings. If workers are constantly in meetings, they’re more likely to feel disconnected from their regular assignments because they don’t get enough uninterrupted time to concentrate on those tasks. Before you call a formal meeting, make sure it’s really needed. It’s equally important to keep these gatherings brief and to the point.

23. Get out of the office. Whenever possible, hold training events, celebrations or similar activities off-site. A change of scenery can provide a break from routine and help professionals reconnect with their coworkers. Allow for some social time in the agenda; it can help enhance the spirit of teamwork.

24. Recognize the signs of low morale. Many companies become aware of trouble with motivation and morale only when the problem reaches a tipping point. To prevent this, be alert to the early symptoms. These include a rise in absenteeism, complaints about customer service, poor performance from top employees or increased conflict between team members.

25. Learn from those on the way out. Staff members who are leaving the company will sometimes be more frank and honest with you than those who are still on the job. Exit interviews can give you insight into ways your department can improve. Remember, though, that departing employees may not be entirely objective. Take this into account when you’re considering their comments.

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