25 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement: Tips 16 to 20

Here are tips 16 to 20! I hope this advice on employee engagement is helpful. I'd love to hear your ideas on this topic. Please share your thoughts below for keeping employees giving 100 percent.

16. Be liberal with praise. Often, simple but heartfelt thanks will make an employee feel like his or her work matters. An in-person thank-you isn't complicated, but can be highly motivating.

17. Give them a break. Remind workers to take regular breaks to recharge, and set a good example by doing so yourself. If your team seems particularly stressed, organize a quick collective break where you can provide ice cream or a catered lunch.

18. Say ‘no’ tactfully. Whenever you have to say no to an employee’s request — whether it’s for a raise, a day off or a change in hours — make sure you’re not alienating the person with the manner in which you refuse. Be kind, give an explanation for your decision and try to phrase your response so the employee doesn’t leave your office embarrassed.

19. Keep an eye on salaries. No, money isn’t the only reason people feel enthusiastic about their work, but it is a critical factor. Review the OfficeTeam Salary Guide to make sure you’re offering pay that is slightly above average for your location and industry. If you’re not, you might be inadvertently sending the message that you don’t value your employees’ contributions.

20. Help staff achieve work/life balance: In an OfficeTeam survey, 28 percent of professionals cited work/life balance as the top contributor to their job satisfaction. Boost engagement by offering programs like telecommuting and flexible schedules, which help employees juggle their work and personal lives. Providing on-site services such as dry cleaning, child care or exercise facilities also allows workers to be more efficient with their time.

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