10 Things Administrative Staffing Agencies Wish They Could Tell You

An illustration of a hiring manager evaluating the resume of a candidate that administrative staffing agencies typically provide

Administrative staffing agencies work hard to help you find a skilled professional for your organization. But as a hiring manager, there may be times when you don’t understand your staffing agency’s actions. Do they really need to visit my office? Why do I have to write out a job description?

Trust us, there’s a good reason behind these types of requests. In fact, learning the “why” behind the “what” can help improve your relationship with your administrative staffing agency and make the process of finding the right match for your team go much more smoothly.

We spoke with Carlie Boese, branch manager in OfficeTeam’s Greenville, S.C., office, and Elizabeth Harmon, OfficeTeam division director in Toledo, Ohio, to discover 10 things administrative staffing agencies wish they could tell you.

We ask so many questions because we want to find the best match

CB: The right candidate doesn’t always have the strongest resume. If we have taken the time to ask you extensively about what you need, you can feel confident our team will be thinking of the person, not the paper.

EH: Giving us as much information upfront is the best way to keep things moving in the right direction. And if we’ve missed the mark, tell us!

CB: But it’s important to be realistic, too. If we need to find a candidate to replace the executive assistant who has been with your organization forever, please know that, while administrative staffing agencies are good at what we do, we haven’t quite mastered the cloning process yet.

We’re interested in hearing more about your team

CB: It’s helpful to know what you consider to be the difference between a good employee and a great employee at your company. Let us know about people in your organization who have been very successful and the types of backgrounds they have. We’ll try to find an administrative professional with similar traits and qualifications.

Check out our infographic to learn the key traits of successful administrative professionals.

We’re not kidding when we say the job description is important

CB: Providing administrative staffing agencies with a clear job description for the position you want staffed will go a long way in helping us find the right match. Also, try to identify the top three attributes that are most important for success in the role. Those could be soft skills or technical skills. Being specific here will make it easier for us to narrow down our search.

Need help writing a job description? Start with our sample job descriptions for dozens of the most common administrative positions.

We want you to trust us when we recommend a candidate

EH: Trust our opinion of a candidate if we strongly suggest someone. We work very closely with the people we represent. The resume might not tell the whole story, or the job seeker could be nervous during the interview. We may be able to paint a clearer picture of what the person can bring to the table or what might make him or her a good match for you. It’s one reason it can be so beneficial to work with administrative staffing agencies.

We promise, it really is in your best interest to hire quickly

EH: We definitely do not want to rush you. However, our candidates really do find jobs very fast. It’s a competitive market for skilled administrative talent. So making a decision quickly is key to landing the right person.

We want to visit your office so we can get the lay of the land

CB: If we have not already been out to your facility, and you have time for us to come see your environment, please let us stop by. There are small things we can share with the new member of your staff that can really make the administrative professional feel more comfortable on the first day, such as knowing where to park, if there is a fridge where workers can put their lunch and what the office environment is like.

We hope you make the temporary worker feel welcome

CB: If you don’t give your temporary workers enough attention on the first day, they can be left feeling lost. It’s a good idea is to give them a tour of the facility and introduce them to the team before assigning them work.

Learn more about how to welcome and prepare new team members for success with our onboarding checklist for managers.

We’d really prefer if you don’t call the candidate the temp

CB: Calling a person the temp conjures up images of Ryan from "The Office," and no one wants that. Even if the administrative professional will only be onsite for few days, introduce him or her this way: “This is Jane Smith. She’s from [the name of your administrative staffing agency], and she’ll be helping us out on X project/filling in for Y.”

We want to hear if you’re unhappy — seriously!

CB: All good administrative staffing agencies want feedback. If one of our temporary professionals is on assignment with you, let us know what you think. We don’t want to be surprised at the end of the project. I would much rather have a coaching conversation with one of our candidates than see him or her fail because of something that could have been corrected.

We expect two weeks’ notice, too

CB: If a temporary worker’s assignment is coming to an end, we like getting the same two-week notice that you would expect if a full-time employee were leaving. This gives us time to find another job for that person.

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