10 Signs It's Time to Clean Your Messy Desk


Admit it, do you have a messy desk? If you can relate to any of these 10 situations, it may be time to do a little cleaning. 

According to a new OfficeTeam survey, more than two-thirds of HR managers said it's at least somewhat acceptable to have a messy desk at work. And 9 percent even said a cluttered workspace is the sign of a creative person. Not everyone's going to judge you if your desk is untidy, but that doesn't mean you should approach it like it's no-holds-barred.

For those of you who aren't sure whether you have a messy desk, here are 10 sure-fire signs you need to clean up your act:

1. You have dust bunnies that have already reproduced tenfold.  

messy desk_dust bunny










 2. Most of the paperwork on your desk was composed on typewriters. 

messy desk_papers










3. Getting to your phone is like going through an obstacle course.  

messy desk_phone










4. You could survive off the crumbs and half-empty coffee cups on your desk. 

messy desk_cups










5. Trying to figure out which cord goes to what involves a game of eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

messy desk_cords














6. You lost your favorite pen somewhere on your desk. That was a month ago. 

messy desk_pen














7. Your "Game of Thrones" poster and Beanie Babies collection are the first things people see. 

messy desk_stuffed animals










8. People seem to always hum "Welcome to the Jungle" when they're nearby.

messy desk_song










9. The piles on your desk are obstructing all natural light.

messy desk_stacks










10. Coworkers stand at a distance when they talk to you at your desk -- or avoid your workspace altogether.

messy desks_avoid

Check out the infographic below for more about our messy desk research!

What are your best desk organization tips?

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