10 Rules You Must Follow at Your Office Holiday Party

Time to attend the office holiday party? Whether you love these events or hate them, stay on Santa's "nice list" by following these 10 rules.   

The office holiday party is often met with mixed responses. There are those who get really excited about these celebrations. Ready with tinsel in hand, they put Santa's helpers to shame. Then, there are employees who dread the company party. They're not all grinches, per se: The holiday lights and merriment just aren't for everyone. And there's also that group that falls in the middle. Whether a feeling of jolliness or obligation drives their attendance at the party, they're there for the festivities. 

The office holiday party can be a great opportunity to mingle with colleagues in a fun setting and network with executives. However, we've also all heard horror stories about employees who've had a poor showing at these events. Who could forget when Betty overdid it with the bubbly or Ted wore that outfit!

Is your employer planning to hold a holiday party this year? If so, take a gander at the slideshow below for some tips on proper party etiquette. 

What else would you add as office holiday party do's and don'ts?

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