New York Is a Tech Job Seekers’ Market, Say Local CIOs

The First Six Months of 2015 Looking Good for Those Seeking Technology Careers

Are you a New Yorker? Are you also a technology pro? If so, the first six months of 2015 are looking good for you!

Twice a year, Robert Half Technology surveys CIOs from New York City and 23 other cities nationwide to get a snapshot of their hiring plans for the upcoming six months. Robust growth of the tech industry nationwide is certainly no secret, but this report gives New Yorkers a deep-dive into technology careers right here in your backyard.

You think New York’s the wrong coast for thriving tech careers? These numbers say otherwise! Eighteen percent of CIOs in the New York-area said they plan on expanding their IT teams in the first half of 2015 — just 14 percent answered similarly for the previous six months (June-December 2014). For you, that means increased opportunity here in New York.

In general, it is an IT job seekers’ market. Employers are having a harder time filling roles than IT talent is having finding jobs. In fact, 70 percent of New York CIOs surveyed said it is somewhat or very challenging to find skilled IT professionals today. So which specialties and skills are most in demand by businesses?

The most difficult areas to find skilled IT talent in New York are:

The top IT skills in demand in New York are:

The survey also asks New York CIOs how optimistic they are about business growth for their company in the next six months. Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they are somewhat or very confident in their company’s prospects for growth in the first half of the year; that’s up from 82 percent who felt the same for the second half of 2014.

Those exploring technology careers, looking to make a career change or seeking a skills upgrade may want to consider these in-demand areas.

What did you find most interesting about CIOs’ expectations for 2015 in the Robert Half Technology survey? Share your thoughts about our findings below!