Monthly Jobs Report: New York State Unemployment Up Slightly

According to the most recent monthly jobs report, New York City unemployment rose slightly in February, coming in at a seasonally adjusted 5.4 percent. In spite of this uptick, 15,000 New York City jobs were added since the last reporting period, also on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Unemployment across the state of New York dropped to 4.8 percent in February. This is below the national average and the lowest unemployment rate the state has seen since November 2007. Also in February, New York State added 25,100 seasonally adjusted jobs.

So, how do these numbers affect managers looking to staff New York City jobs?

“Even with the marginal increase in the New York City unemployment rate, finding skilled candidates remains a challenge in our market,” says Dawn Fay, a district president with Robert Half. Fay notes that locating applicants with the requisite skills and qualifications is only half of the battle. “You also need to make sure the candidates you select will thrive in your corporate culture. Failing to do so is a disservice to potential hires, as well as your current staff,” she says. “Making a bad hire can be costly financially, but it can also have a severe impact on your office’s morale and productivity levels.”

To ensure candidates will mesh with the work environment, Fay suggests employers reassess their company’s interview techniques and questions. “Leading questions, open-ended questions and hypothetical situations are good ways to gain insight into how a prospective employee will interact with team members and react to stressful scenarios,” she says.

Once a candidate is selected, Fay advises employers to act quickly. “Many skilled job seekers are getting multiple offers and need to make decisions fast,” she states. “If you want to land top-tier candidates, you need to ensure you employ an aggressive hiring strategy.”

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