Monthly Jobs Report: New York City Unemployment Rate Holds Firm

The New York City unemployment rate came in at a seasonally adjusted 4.8 percent in November, according to the most recent monthly jobs report. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, 38,300 New York City jobs were added in November.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for New York State also remained at 4.8 percent in November. This is the lowest unemployment rate the state has seen in eight years. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the state added 12,400 jobs during the same reporting period.

How do these numbers affect employers looking to staff New York City jobs?

Even though the New York City unemployment rate held steady this month, the market remains active across many sectors, according to Dawn Fay, district president at Robert Half. In particular, Fay notes an increase in temporary hiring for customer service workers and accounting professionals who can assist with upcoming year-end projects and tax work.

Fay also says she expects hiring to remain robust going into 2016. “Many companies are already talking about hiring in January when their new budgets go into effect. Businesses are boosting their operations and need more staff to handle that growth — highly skilled, specialized professionals in particular.”

“Retaining and attracting top talent continues to be a challenge, as candidates now have many options to consider when looking for new opportunities,” says Fay. Companies need to show current employees and prospective hires why their organization is a better place to work than others. “Offering competitive salaries and benefits is a given,” Fay states, “but you also want to sell your corporate culture and highlight non-monetary benefits and perks employees and candidates are interested in, such as wellness programs and telecommute options.”

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