Making Your Career Resolutions Stick in 2015

It’s the beginning of a new year and many New Yorkers will use this time to start exercising regularly, eating better and changing bad habits. Looking at ways to improve your personal life is always important, but don’t forget about your professional life, too! Taking the time to set career resolutions is a great way to ring in 2015.

To make sure your resolution isn’t forgotten by February, avoid these three common pitfalls when setting your goals:

Avoid: Overly lofty resolutions that can be overwhelming (e.g., I will update all of my skills) Instead: Establish a realistic goal, and create action steps to help you achieve it. For example, you might pick a specific skill that you would like to acquire, and vow to take an online course. Avoid: Vague resolution (e.g., I will network more frequently)

Instead: Be specific. For instance, you might commit to joining one new professional association or enhancing your LinkedIn profile.

Avoid: Resolutions that are beyond your control (e.g., I will get a raise)

Instead: Choose action items that you can control. If a bigger paycheck is your goal, for example, vow to research average pay rates for your position in your city and discuss with your boss the actions needed to land a raise and/or promotion.

One last tip? Whether it’s finding a new job, lobbying for a promotion or acquiring a new skill, it’s important to set a deadline for accomplishing the goal. Having a specific timeframe in mind will help you narrow your focus and give you additional motivation to achieve your resolution. Whether your deadline is a week, a month or a year away, maintain a “status report” so you can continually see how you’re progressing and determine if you need to revise the target date or the resolution itself.

We want to know: What are your career goals for 2015? Start the conversation below!