Giving Thanks: Not Just For Turkey Day

Thanksgiving gives us all the chance to reflect on how thankful we are. And, job seekers, you should take note! The way you say thank you (or don’t) following a job interview could make or break your chances at landing that dream job.

A survey from Accountemps found 91 percent of hiring managers said it helped the chances of promising candidates to send a thank-you after an interview. So in this day and age of texting, tweeting and Skyping, what’s the best way to say thanks?

thank you method

When it comes to showing gratitude, the consensus is this: The message is typically more important than the medium. One tip? Take note of the corporate culture when considering whether or not to say thank you via email, phone, social media or text.

“Regardless of the method, focus on expressing your enthusiasm for the position and making your case for why you’re the best person for the job,” says Rich Deosingh, regional manager for Accountemps in New York.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to say thank you to a potential employer, check out these five tips to get started:

  1. Don’t delay. Follow up with a thank-you within 24 hours of the so you are still top of mind for the hiring manager.
  2. Demonstrate your value. Recap the qualities that make you a strong fit for the role and convey your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Clarify any unanswered questions and address concerns expressed by the interviewer.
  3. Be specific. Reference particular points from the conversation. For example, if the employer mentioned the position calls for strong knowledge of Excel, highlight the advanced training you took on the program.
  4. Don’t ramble. When you say thank you, keep your message to a paragraph or two, or a few minutes on the phone. Anything longer could make you seem unfocused.
  5. Ask for a second opinion. If your thank-you is a written one, a trusted friend or colleague should read it over to help spot any typos or unclear language before you hit Send or drop it in the mail.

What is your preferred way to say thank you, and has it helped you land a job? I want to hear from you below!