Advice from a staffing manager: 5 Tips for Job Seekers

Job searching Minneapolis? We recently sat down with Ryan Evers, branch manager of our Bloomington office, and asked him to share his top tips for job seekers in the Twin Cities.  Here is some of what he told us about working with a staffing firm:

“Have a clear, concise resume that lists what you’ve done in bulleted format,” he advises. Evers says job seekers should steer clear of long narrative format resumes. As hiring managers receive multiple resumes per day, most don’t have the bandwidth to read long paragraphs. Catch their attention with short bullet points that highlight your experience.

“Speak to your references prior to listing them to ensure they are comfortable speaking on your behalf, and also know what they will say,” he adds. He says that oftentimes he interviews candidates that haven’t warned references that someone will be calling. “It shows a potential employer that they’re either not serious about their job search, or that they’re not willing to put in the necessary work that is required to finding a new role,” he notes.

“Keep it positive,” Evers advises. Even if you had a bad experience in a previous position, hopefully you learned something from it.” Evers stresses that job seekers should talk about what they learned from a bad experience, versus their frustrations.  

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