Why Consulting Firms Offer a Viable Alternative to Full-Time Work

A mans hands typing on a laptop he is using to research consulting firms

A growing number of accounting and finance professionals seek alternative work solutions that can provide them with a variety of assignments and a better work-life balance. Working with consulting firms is one way to achieve this. Consulting arrangements can provide a number of perks that aren't always easily available to professionals bound to one employer, including:


One of the greatest benefits of working as a consultant is the freedom to choose a work arrangement that suits your needs best. You can choose which projects you'd like to take on and decide how many hours you want to work. If you're a travel lover, for example, you might decide to work on interim assignments for part of the year, and indulge in your globetrotting passions during the other months. Many consulting firms also offer the option of working remotely, which is ideal for those who want more time to devote to family — or simply wish to avoid the grind of an everyday commute.

A chance to build skills and network

Project-based employment gives you an opportunity to expand your skill set and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. Working for a variety of organizations also gives you valuable exposure to different business environments and corporate cultures.

Larger consulting firms typically offer their consultants free training or professional education. This may include preparation for certification exams and customized e-training seminars.

Another potential benefit: You're likely to meet many new people — and valuable business contacts — across a broad range of industries if you work with consulting firms. Long-term consultants typically develop large professional networks as a result of their work.

Is consulting for you?

Consulting is an attractive option for experienced professionals who are looking for a bridge to retirement or want to remain professionally engaged but don't want all the demands of a full-time role. Consulting could also be a way to make a little extra income while pursuing a personal passion, an alternate career or full-time studies. It may also be a way for you to test the waters on a new career path at your own pace.

If you want to consult but still crave the stability a full-time work arrangement typically provides, reach out to consulting firms, where you can earn competitive pay and have access toa wide variety of benefits.

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