4 Little Known Facts About Recruitment Agencies

A partial image of a person choosing one holographic icon of a recruiter from among a selection of them

From a consultant's perspective, there's little to lose and a lot to gain when working with recruitment agencies. First, the cost is zero. There are no fees when you work with a recruiting agency; they work with you and on behalf of the companies they help staff.

You might have already known that. There are some things, though, that many people don't realize about recruitment agencies. If you're considering interim or project-focused consulting, check out these four little-known facts to help you make informed decisions about your career options:

1. Different names, same function

The names can be confusing. Whether you call them recruitment agencies, headhunters, recruiters, employment agencies or staffing firms, the terms are virtually synonymous. All these businesses fulfill the same basic function: They find job candidates for client firms for a fee. And, remember, it's the client who pays the fee; you pay nothing.

2. Not just full-time staffing

Many people think of recruitment agencies as full-time placement services. But that's not always the case. As ever more companies recognize the benefits of flexible staffing, recruitment agencies are increasingly placing interim and project-based professionals. A client firm may prefer hiring interim consultants, for example, to help with large projects such as ERP implementations or compliance initiatives. Consultants bring specialized skills to the table while allowing the company to avoid the long-term salary and benefits obligations of a full-time hire.

3. Opportunities for growth

Because recruitment agencies' reputations are partly defined by the quality of their candidates, many agencies offer resources that help make consultants more marketable. This may include free e-learning and opportunities to enroll in Continuing Professional Education-accredited seminars and courses

4. Huge networks cast huge nets

Why work with an agency rather than go it alone? Recruitment agencies have massive networks and connections with businesses looking for specialized talent. Some companies might not even publicize their hiring needs, except through the recruitment agencies they work

Why work with an agency rather than going it alone? Recruitment agencies have large networks and connections with businesses of nearly every size and industry looking for specialized talent. Some companies might not even advertise their hiring needs, and only bring on staff through the recruitment agencies they work with.

Additionally, many recruitment agencies have multiple offices and networks that extend across the country or even around the world. Whether you want to relocate or stay put, working with an agency that has a wide reach can make your job or project hunt easier, targeted and smart.

For finance and accounting professionals seeking a change in employment, whether full-time or on a project basis, recruiting agencies have the tools and networks that can better guarantee a successful placement at any employment level, from entry to C-suite. 

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