Video Interview Tips Every Consultant Needs to Know

A pair of hands holds a tablet computer with a consultant interview prospect smiling back on the screen

Given the expense of bringing far-flung candidates in for face-to-face interviews, more companies are conducting video interviews using Skype and similar technology. As a business consultant, who is likely interviewed more often than most professionals, you probably know you should bring the same level of professional conduct as you would to any other interview. But do you know how to prepare?

Familiarizing yourself with video interview tips beforehand can help you make a great impression.

  • Practice. You’ll turn in a better performance if you do a trial run with a friend or mentor. Are your mic and camera working correctly? Is the area lit well enough? Any distractions in the range of view?
  • Clear the area. Sudden interruptions can break your train of thought and disrupt the interview. Prevent this by letting others in the house know you will be participating in a video interview and shouldn’t be disturbed. Close the door and confine pets in another room.
  • Dress professionally. This is one of those video interview tips people don’t often think about. Yes, you’ll be seen only a small computer screen, but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners in the way you dress. The last thing you want is to inadvertently reveal you’re wearing casual shorts or sweatpants with a dress shirt. Also, bright patterns may not work as well as more conservative tones and styles. Robert Half’s Pinterest page has good suggestions for men’s business attire and women’s interview outfits.

Watch our short video to for more video interview tips, including how to test your technology and a final checklist before you go live.